[first day of work?]

Roger and VJ [his dog] collected me from the train station and took me back to the Bed & Breakfast around 5pm. I met another volunteer, Laura, who was from Germany. She was staying through December or November. She was beautiful and so nice. And Roger seemed so fond of her, like she had been here for ages. I’m not typically the competitive type, but I certainly hoped Roger would talk as highly about me as he did of her. He was so impressed with what she had done so far and was praising her work.

I think I’m going to like working here.  I couldn’t wait to get started and learn the ropes!

But as it turned out, Laura had worked the last 6 days and so they decided to take a day off tomorrow. To go to Saint-Malo!

Alright. I’ll go sight-seeing in France. If you insist…..

Saint-Malo was a quaint little seaside town about 30 minutes away from Le Luot. It was a sunny, breezy day. Perfect for wandering.

Our first stop was lunch. I had a seafood soup. Mm. Soup is my favorite. It was hot and brothy…Kind of bland for a seafood soup, though, if you ask me. But it was Roger’s favorite restaurant and he paid so it was all good in my book.


We didn’t get to learn too much about Saint-Malo while we were there. Roger’s been there so many times that I think he forgets to let his guests take their time and soak it all in. From what I could gather, Saint-Malo was a sort of walled city; we walked around the wall and got to see the ocean and city below.


After our brief walk, Laura and I went shopping. I desperately needed a real purse. The bag I bought in Rome was falling apart. And so I bought a new purse. A new Longchamp purse :] That I would carry with me forever. It’s fine, because I was in France. And these bags are cheaper in France. Right? And good purses are good investments. Right? I’m pretty sure I just justified my purchase. So no guilt here.

Our wandering brought Laura and I to the Saint Malo Cathedral. Wow. We were just drawn in. What beautiful stained glass. The colors just danced across the walls. I wouldn’t mind sitting through some sermons in here. We took a bunch of pictures before we had to leave to meet Roger for crepes. 


The crepes we had were delicious! I had sugar and lemon juice and so did Roger. Laura picked a midnight chocolate. We sat on some steps and enjoyed the last bites of our crepes before we headed back to the bed and breakfast.
Not a bad first day.
When we got back to the bed and breakfast, Laura said she was going to go on a run and asked if I wanted to go with her. Sure. Why not?

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