[leather couch from the toilet store]

Ha. Okay. Title is a bit off. Let me explain first.

If you’re a frequent reader, I hope you’ve noticed that I like to have catchy blog titles. It’s sort of my favorite thing to come up with. This was the first post that I couldn’t think of something for leather. or couches. or fixing. So. I shamelessly googled “leather jokes” for some sort of play-on-word inspiration. And the fourth link that caught my eyes was this brilliant website: Leather Jacket Jokes And you should just read posts 1-12. So silly. “No time to explain! I need a leather jacket joke NOW!” Haha. Who is this guy?! 

Alright. Now back to me.

I fixed a leather couch. It was awesome.


When I first arrived, Roger gave me a tour of the bed and breakfast and he pointed out his broken leather couch. Apparently it was pretty new and these big, burly men were sitting on the back frame and they ruined the stuffing. He asked his manager whether it could be repaired and she told him no. So naturally he bought a new leather couch. This leather couch would be moved into his lounge room instead, away from guests.

I spent the better part of the day rearranging the living and dining room. I wouldn’t call it feng-shui-ing, but I have this sort of compulsion with moving furniture around to what, I think, is the best use of the space. So, with Laura and Roger’s help, we all moved this leather couch into the lounge.

In all honesty, I’m not the best at sewing. [irrelevant: what do you call someone who sews? a seamstress? certainly not a sewer…] But I was willing to give it a go. Time to put my 5th grade home-ec lessons to the test.

Roger had some old couch pillows that needed to be thrown out so I ripped them open and took the stuffing out. These would do.

My game plan was to try to cut and sew along the seams, because the back of the couch would be exposed and it would look really ugly with a big gash in the middle. Plus, I’m not an animal. I’m not going to ruin a leather couch if I can help it.

So I did my research. By far, the most helpful video I watched was this one, on YouTube.

And it was surprisingly easier than I thought!

I fixed a leather couch!

It was very interesting, too, because when I opened up the leather couch, it turned out that the couch backboard was made out of a thicker sort of cardboard. Which makes sense that it would break under the weight of a 250 pound man. I wondered if this was what a lot of couches were made out of. Or if it was a French thing. Or a cheap leather couch thing [from the toilet store-boom. tied it into my story.]

The one thing I wish I did was use more stuffing. I was a bit cautious of overstuffing but I didn’t realize that as people sit down on it, the stuff would naturally sink in again. Oh well! Next time!

And, mind you, the sewing, like I warned, wasn’t the best. You can tell where I sewed…but the couch is much more functional or at least more pleasant to the eye.. Either way, I’m proud :]

If you have any leather couches that need fixing, I’m your girl!

[Also, mini shout out to my new Longchamp purse in the picture!]


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