[casa gaia]

I took the train and then a bus to the Naples Aeroport to meet my friend Angie. Finally! A familiar face in Italy! I was beyond excited.

We followed the instructions to our bed & breakfast in Sorrento and made it up safely with few hiccups.

Not that I had much experience with AirBnB or bed&breakfasts, in general, but Casa Gaia was incredible. It was so much more than I could have dreamed. Angie and I basically had a small apartment for 2; there was a kitchen, living/dining room, bathroom, bedroom, outdoor dining area, and a hammock. Everything about this bed and breakfast beckoned us to stay a bit, relax a lot, and enjoy our vacation. Moreover, Graziana, our host, was so friendly, welcoming, and just so so sweet. Her attention to detail and helpful attitude made Casa Gaia the best home away from home. We felt so blessed.


If all that wasn’t enough, the views weren’t too bad either. Since we were nestled in the mountainside, we had the most beautiful views of Naples, Sorrento, and Mt. Vesuvio.


Angie and I absolutely loved our stay at Casa Gaia. Angie spent most of her free time reading Bossy Pants [by Tina Fey] in the hammock, under the shade of a fig tree. Sometimes the figs fell on her. But I think it was worth the pain.

I, on the other hand, spent most of my time trying to backlog my posts and keep in touch with my friends at the outdoor dining table. We made good use of the kitchen area, making 3 meals for ourselves over the course of our 3 night stay. We ate each meal outside, underneath the Italian night sky. It was wonderful.

Side Note: 1 kilo of parmesan cheese is too much. Yes, too much cheese does exist. And, on our first night, Graziana picked us fresh basil and arugula from her garden! Also, she gave us gigantic tomatoes that were half the size of my face! Sorrento Tomatoes. Huge! All of it was delicioso.
IMG_3188 IMG_3198IMG_3380

If I had to name my favorite part of Casa Gaia, it was definitely our breakfasts. I enjoyed all the homemade jams [she made over 8 different jams! herself! with fruits on her farm!] and baked goods that Graziana prepared for us each morning. It was also great just chatting with Graziana in the mornings; she’s so positive and genuine and so nice. On our last morning, she sent us off with a little packet of dried lavender [to be used as potpourri for our clothes] and a small jar of jam. So sweet!


Moral of the story, if you’re ever in Sorrento, I highly highly recommend Casa Gaia :]

You can find her here:


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