[mad max: beyond bondi]

“I think that was Mel Gibson?!”

We made it to Bondi [Bon-dye…not Bon-dee] Beach around 10am. We soaked up the sun, played in the ocean, and slathered up as much sunscreen as we could handle. The sand was white and soft under our feet, not grainy like some Californian beaches, and definitely much less rockier than the beaches of Cinque Terre. The water was a cool blue and turquoise and the sound of the waves crashing against the sand made for a wonderful naptime lullaby in the sun.


In our effort to beat out the jetlag, we decided to stroll along the Coastal Walk from Bondi to Bronte Beach. We stopped at the Icebergs and watched the waves crash into the pool.


As I fumbled for a snack in our backpack, I heard Matt murmur in disbelief, “I think that was Mel Gibson?”

Part shock, part confusion, part wondering if our jetlag was playing tricks on us, we set off behind Mel, hoping to catch a glimpse of his celebrity.

Mel [we’re pretty much on a first-name basis, Mel and I], is quite the fast walker. Briefcase in hand, he and his friend power-walked the 2km to Tamarama Beach as his posse of stalkers [Matt and I included] scurried quickly behind.


We loved you in The Patriot. You look amazing in a kilt! Wow, your calves! Do you work out? Lethal Weapon changed my life. You were brilliant in Mad Max. Remember that time you wore tin foil on your head? I bet you still know What Women Want…[too much?!] Wanna hear a Conspiracy Theory?

All of the things we will never get to say to Mel.

We stayed behind at Tamarama Beach and let Mel live his own life. You know what they say, if you love something, let it go, and if he loves you, he’ll come back.

Well, Mel didn’t come back to us. But I guess we just weren’t meant to be. We were crushed, but we pushed on.


Tamarama Beach was a nice half-way point for us. It’s a smaller beach with wonderful rocks along the side that made great caves to hide in from the sun. The views here were just as great as Bondi but seemed much more local and secluded.

Next up, Bronte Beach! Here, we shared a Barramundi Fish and Chips and it was deeeeeelicious! [And then I proceeded to eat Fish and Chips for 4 out of my 6 meals here.]


We had a mini picnic under a tree that looked like a hybrid of a pine tree and palm tree. It was pretty neat. Bronte Beach had much more of a park vibe to it. The whole area was full of picnics and BBQs and families. The people-watching was wonderful and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed.

If you get a chance to explore the area, I definitely recommend a trip beyond Bondi :]

PS. I just wanted to share this last picture of this ADORABLE dog who followed his owners from the rocks. He kept running from rock to rock, making sure he could see where they were at all times. He melted my heart. I want one.



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