[saint michel’s mountain]

IMG_4683 IMG_4675 IMG_4659 IMG_4649 IMG_4642 IMG_4640 IMG_4638 IMG_4632

I wish I could tell you everything I learned at Mont St. Michel…but we spent about an hour on the mountain. Which, was just enough time to snap a few photos. It was a cold, dreary afternoon and we had just missed the last tour of the cathedral. Laura and I talked about Boston, school, and our families. Roger walked about 3 feet ahead of us the entire time. It was a bit odd. I tried to keep Roger engaged by asking him questions but he was sort of flakey.

On the car ride back, VJ [Roger’s dog] was sitting on Laura again…

And, to give you some context here, VJ is a big [maybe 45-50 lbs?], hairy dog that sheds a lot of hair and he always sprawls out across the whole backseat of the car when we ride together [which is all the time]. On top of that, he isn’t the slightest bit disciplined. Which, perhaps, was a reflection of his owner. But that’s my own biased opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but this dog was not well behaved or well groomed, and I know he was just a dog, but sometimes I just wanted him to be better. I wouldn’t say he was my favorite dog I’d ever met..I was more indifferent.

Anyway, if anyone was more flustered with VJ taking up the back seat, it would have been Laura. And I don’t know what happened but Roger suddenly got very upset with Laura. And we [but more so Laura] were lectured about being considerate of [Roger’s] situation that he can’t just leave VJ at home for a few hours. Then there was something about him “apologizing” that we weren’t dog-people.

I don’t remember all the details anymore. I just remember Laura and I being very surprised at his reaction. And our silent vow to just ignore VJ when he sat on us.

And…that concluded our trip to Mont St. Michel.


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