[our last supper: the food]

Wow. Wow. Wow. And the winner for best meal in Italy? No doubt about it. La Rosetta. In Rome.


Panigacci what?

To give you some background, one of Matt and I’s friends, had highly recommended squid-ink pasta. She said we absolutely had to try it. After our magnificent tour of Italy, it was the only thing left on our list of foods we didn’t get to try.

So, Matt looked up restaurants with squid-ink pasta and found two near the Pantheon. We took a cab to the first restaurant…but it was closed. Womp womp. The second one it is, then. We made our way down a side alley and came upon a cute restaurant with outdoor seating.

It looked a little pricey but we went for it anyway. When in Rome, right?

Oh geez. Now the challenge of trying to describe how delicious our meal was.

The servers helped us into our seats and served us a yummy Prosecco aperitif. We knew we were in for a treat.

For a starter, we ordered the “Sea Bass Thin Slices.” I liked this restaurant. Just straight to the point. [It’s the top picture on the right] When it arrived at our table, I swear my mouth started salivating right away. Fresh sea bass, thinly sliced with pieces of lime, black truffle pearls, and celery salt. It was amazing. Matt and I love lemon-y, lime-y flavors and the sea bass wasn’t fishy at all. It was the best. starter. ever. I would even have two of them. For my entrée. I don’t care. I liked it so much. But I love fish. I love sashimi. And I loved that dish.

Next up, our entrées. Matt ordered “Carmelo’s Fettucine” described only as “the original founder’s dish,”  while I asked about the ominous “Dark Spaghetti.” I didn’t see any mention of squid ink so I just wanted to double check I was ordering the right thing. Our server said it wasn’t. And that squid ink pasta wasn’t on the menu tonight. Matt and I were crushed. We told him that we came to this restaurant solely to try squid ink pasta. He said he would ask the chef if it was possible.

He came back. YES!

Yay. Squid ink pasta, get in our bellies!

When our entrées arrived, Matt couldn’t wait to get started. I, on the other hand, had some reservations. I mean, my food was literally all black. I didn’t know what to expect.

My first bite. Delicious! It was actually very much just like regular spaghetti. Just a little bit more ocean-y and salty and a lot a bit great. It was a light flavor but if you know me, you’ll know I don’t like overwhelmingly sauce-y things anyway. People excluded.

Matt’s plate, while I didn’t have much, was also very good. Three-colored fettucine with a plethora of seafood. It was a great mix. Oh and the sauce! Very yummy!

By the time we finished our plates, we were stuffed.

And then our server brought us small scoops of…wait for it. Celery sorbet. It was really good! Surprisingly refreshing. The perfect palate cleanser.

When our server returned, we regrettably had to pass on a dessert.

As we tried to finish our bottle of white wine, we were pleasantly surprised when our server came out with a small dessert anyway. A baby brownie and a peanut butter macaroon. OH! So good.

Really. We were just so impressed all throughout the meal. And the service was just outstanding. Everyone was so attentive and nice. You could tell it was a quality restaurant.

And we paid for it too. Our most expensive meal…ever.

Ready for it?

I’m almost ashamed.


Here we go.

One hundred and twenty euros. After gratuity.

Eek. Definitely not making a habit out of that. But it was worth every penny. Really. We had a great time. It was the best way to end our night in Rome and our trip to Italy.



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