[florence + the city]

Our segway tour was a great way to kick off our stay in Florence. We were able to get some great food recommendations from our tour guide and we Matt had a good idea of how to navigate through the city. We crammed in a lot of sightseeing each day:

Day One:
1. Visited the best bakery in town and had the most amazing tiramisu and my first macaroon. I can’t remember the name of this bakery at the moment but if you’re really curious, ask me and I’ll find it for you!
2. Walked along and through Ponte Vecchio. Surprisingly, there was a flood in Florence where the water levels flooded the shops on the bridge. Incredible. I was a little disappointed to find out, though, that all the shops were jewelry shops. How boring.
3. Walked to the Piazzale Michelangelo and the scenic overlook of Florence. It was a hot day but the sights were great. There was even a David replica. I couldn’t wait to see the real thing.
4. Walked through a random garden.
5. Took a short nap while it rained. [I get sleepy really easily]
6. Stumbled upon a geochemical/thermal convention called Goldschmidt and walked around the empty convention center, pretending to understand what the presentations were about. [Geothermal stuff is hard to follow!]
7. Dinner at a nearby restaurant where we made terrible storytelling videos about what the significance of the artwork around our table. Videos that you will never see. Also. Italian soup is chunky. And not soupy at all. I was a bit sad. I just wanted some good broth-y soup.

Day Two:
1. David. By far, my favorite part of Florence was seeing David. I loved staring at this statue. It’s perfect. He’s perfect. And the dome above him creates the most elegant and serene atmosphere for admiring each curve and detail of the statue. Michelangelo didn’t do too bad, huh? Matt took some secret pictures. I picked my favorite.
2. Climbed to the top of the Duomo.The façade of the Duomo is much more impressive than its interior.  I didn’t like The Last Judgment painting of the cupola as much as the Vatican; it was too busy. And the Hell scenes  were a bit intense; I preferred Michelangelo’s in the Sistine Chapel. But I’m not going to show you. You’ll just have to go see it for yourself :]
3. Climbed to the top of the Bell Tower. More stairs. Geez. Talk about working out during our vacation. But it was too beautiful a day to pass up 360s of Florence.
4. Wandered around the Basilica of San Lorenzo. Oh boy. This is definitely up there on my list of favorites. I loved this basilica. Everything about it was beautiful. It was darker than most of the other cathedrals and churches we had been in but I think that’s what I loved about it. The Medici family had good taste, I’ll tell you that.
5. Photo Op in front of the Basilica of Santa Croce. I don’t know about you, but when I take pictures, I like to take many pictures of the same thing. Maybe successively [usually for people] and sometimes at different angles. I just like having options. Matt, however only takes one picture. So you get one shot to look good. It’s a lot of pressure! Anyway, Santa Croce is where many well-known Florentines are buried or commemorated. For example: Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante, Machiavelli, Raphaello, Michelangelo…I think there were about 20 different monuments.
6. Gelato break.
7. Short nap. Sightseeing is exhausting. And we walked a lot.
8. Dinner at a local restaurant where we…wait for it. Tried deep fried cow brain. Yeah. That happened. And it wasn’t awful. But I probably wouldn’t order it again.
9. And, in Florentine tradition, we ended our last night in Florence by visiting Il Porcellino, or Piglet. Which is a bit weird…because it’s actually a boar. Get it right, Florence. Then, in Florentine tradition, we put a coin into the boar’s gaping jaws and if it falls through the underlying grating, supposedly, your wish will come true. I think it only works if it makes it the first time. I had to try four times. Lame. But Matt’s wish will come true. Before we left Piggy, we rubbed his snout…guess we’ll be coming back to Florence now too.

IMG_6191IMG_6192 IMG_6193


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