[nom noms: gavarina d’oro]

Whoa. Best dinner in Italy yet! Holy Moly. Seriously. The B&B hosts really pulled through on the food recommendation tonight. [Which almost redeemed them for the awful awful directions they gave us.] Let me tell you about it!

It’s a regional specialty that seems to only be made in the Lunigiana region, where we were staying. Our hosts were just raving about this place and the food so we obviously had to give it a try.

It’s called…get ready for it: Panigacci. It rhymes with Tamagotchi. Which I miss.

When we walked in, the place was nearly packed with locals. And, it was about 9pm so that was a good sign! On top of that, Matt and I saw a Michelin sticker…but we didn’t look at it too closely.

While we were definitely the only tourists and likewise the only group that didn’t speak Italian, we were surprised to be greeted in English by our server.

Our service was excellent. She was super attentive and just extremely nice. Which was actually quite a change of pace from some of the other places we had been to before. We ordered the meat panigacci, not really knowing what to expect exactly.

We ordered the house white wine which was absolutely delicious. The wine bottle that it came in was pretty neat too. We drank as much as we could. Which was only about 1/3. [Matt had to drive and everyone knows my tolerance is low anyway]

First, our server brought out two cheeses. We didn’t have anything else to eat it with. We were confused. And hungry. So we just ate little bits with our forks. Which was a bit awkward looking I’m sure. “Check out the Americans who are eating the cheese with their forks. Weirdos.” I imagined everyone in the restaurant secretly making fun of us. [Because obviously everyone wanted to observe the Americans in the authentic Italian restaurant. What a sight! Just kidding.]

Well, it wasn’t long before we realized what we were in store for. Our server brought out a giant plate of mixed prosciutto meats [three different kinds] and a basket of panigacci bread. I’m not sure how to even describe how delicious everything was. You just make your own little taco-like sandwiches of awesomeness.

The panigacci bread was perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside. Probably about as thick as a pita bread. We didn’t really know what to do but we winged it. We spread the cheeses on the panigacci, piled it on with meat, folded it in half and chewed in silence, enjoying all the wonder flavors. And maybe I didn’t take the best angled pictures of our food below, but you really have to take my word for it; best meal.

At the end of our panigacci basket, she brought out another. And then we accidentally ordered another platter. What a happy mistake. But one that my pants would suffer for. I could have burst. We were so so full. It was the best meal we had eaten in Italy yet. And! To top it off, when we got the check, we were surprised at how extremely affordable everything was!

We couldn’t be happier! Bellies full. Spirits high. We were ready for our long, lost drive home. However lost we got was made worth it by that dinner.

I wish we could have eaten more. It truly was the yummiest. So simple but so so good. I don’t know what gavarina means but gold is damn right.

Oh. But I will say that I’m sad we couldn’t watch them prepare the panigacci. Apparently they make it over a wood-fire stove or oven and it’s really neat to watch…but our seats were away from the kitchen. Oh well. Maybe next time. Because there better be a next time.


La Gavarina d’Oro


6 responses to “[nom noms: gavarina d’oro]

    • It’s called La Gavarina D’Oro :] It was amazing. I hope you can stop by Italy one day! These panigacci’s are exclusively in the region that we visited though…but I think it was worth it!

  1. Oh, duh, right there in the title. Of course I’m going to Italy! I would return to the USA a shadow of a human being if I was in Europe without spending some time there. Especially for nom noms.

      • Umm…everywhere? 😀

        The first place I will probably visit is Napoli and then perhaps Sicily. Also recently bumped into someone from Sardinia and maybe I can convince them to let me stay there as well sometime this winter. When things warm up a little then I will probably head further North. My parents will visit me in Rome (and pay for everything!!), but on my own I kind of want to get an apartment in Siena or Florence for a month and go on little excursions into the countryside in Tuscany. Also want to see Milan/Torino, but only for a short time because it’s more expensive. Oh, and hike Cinque Terra and then wrap it up with Venice. So I’m thinking 2 months, maybe three to do this.

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