[roamin’ roman rome: part four: forum? or againstum?]

Of course we waited until the rain stopped [which just so happened to coincide perfectly with when we finished our lunch] before we headed to our next stop: the Roman Forum.

We couldn’t find the entrance right away but stumbled upon this awesomeness:

Basically an almost-real life version of LAVA!

Tell me you remember [and loved] pretending the floor was lava in your house. And you would start on some obscure furniture [or for me, usually the couch] and you would toss pillows or papers or remote controls on the floor and jump from pillow to remote control to blanket and see how far you could get. I don’t think my mom really appreciated the mess on the floor but my feet never touched the lava and sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.

Anyway. No one else [above the age of 7] was as excited about this as I was. I made Matt play with me. It was a short game. But it was damn fun.


I think I spaced out in class when it came to learning about ancient Rome. I really didn’t know what the Roman Forum was all about. I still don’t. I mean, I kind of do. Okay. Not really. Alright a little. Here’s what I thought.

All along, people show you the picture of [what seemed like] the same ruined columns. I thought the Roman Forum was a specific building. But it’s not. It’s a ruined forum. The whole thing is the Roman Forum. Forum means plaza. It’s just one big bunch of ruins. Just a bunch of ruined buildings from, I don’t know, 179 BC. No big deal.

Just kidding.

It’s a BIG DEAL! These things have been around for centuries of centuries! How amazing is that?! It was a whole lot of walking but it was pretty neat to be walking around one of the oldest ruins in the world. How is this possible? And with our society’s tendency to tear down and rebuild newer, bigger, better structures, it’s just incredible that this has been able to last so long. Granted, they’re ruined…but Roman architects? I think I’m for ’em.




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