[roamin’ roman rome: part five: night in a nutshell]

  The rest of our afternoon-night ..super abbreviated:
-Hello Kitty gelato [yes, I went back for more]
-Skype session with Lambros [boy, do I miss him]
-Awful luck finding a place for dinner [we ended up asking an Italian security guard…who at first thought I was Italian!] I must admit, I’ve perfected my “Dove il [Where is…] in Italian..]
-Ended up in a place called Alfredo’s. [pretty good food I suppose]
-Amazing gelato find: Giolitti [hands down our favorite gelato shop ever]
-Stopped by the Pantheon at night [ugh, so beautiful]
-Obligatory Trevi Fountain wish
-asleep by 130am [much better than 6pm]


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