[who’s that girl? it’s angie!]


Where do I even begin?

Alright. At the beginning!

I met Angie through work; she was on the project team for my first [really] big customer. The project lasted about 2 years so Angie and I had plenty of quality time together. Angie and I had a big mini-project to tackle so we struggled with it together. She had the inside-knowledge and I knew the technical and theoretical stuff. Eventually I passed that work onto someone else but we bonded long before then.

Angie just made work so much fun. She’s one of the [eight] reasons why I liked the customer so much. From stick-figure-text-message-pictures to wearing mustaches on-site to sushi dinners, I just really enjoyed working with her.

She is truly one in a million. You won’t find anyone like her. And it’s a good thing! Well, good for her. Maybe not so much for the world. Really, we need more people as funny and genuine and strong like her. Emotionally, mentally strong. I don’t think I’ve seen her lift anything heavy before. Well, who knows really. My point, though, is that she’s my favorite. She’s witty and smart and so positive and optimistic. We were constantly laughing and joking….and taking timed pictures. If you know me, you know I love a good timed-picture photo session. Seriously, the best. And she loves them tooo! We were [are] the perfect pair. Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better travel friend [no offense, other friends :]

After 3 weeks of farming [literally, farming], I was just so grateful for a change of pace and some time to relax. Lucky for me, that was Angie’s plan too. We were never in any real rush to go anywhere or do anything; our itineraries were mostly empty.

Five years ago, this would have driven me crazy! I loved jam-packing my days with touristy things and waking up at 7am and going to bed at 1am. But now, vacation time is relaxation time and I just don’t need to be go-go-go all the time. In fact, it kinda wears me out. Instead, Angie and I marked off our “must-see’s” and then let everything else fall into place.

Most of all, I really enjoyed just sitting and talking with Angie. We stayed up until 5am one night. Just chatting our faces off. Thought-provoking, silly, random, honest, sincere conversations are the best. And I just love that Angie is so straightforward but in a loving way, like you just know she tells you this because you need to hear it. It’s something I really admire and strive for myself.

She’s the type of person you just want to spend as much time with as you can because you know you’ll have fun. She’s the kind of friend that just makes you feel alive and excited for life all over again! She’s just fun. And easy. laid-back. Easy is the wrong word, boys. Or is it? JUST KIDDING. [She’s a lady!] She makes the best of everything and her energy is absolutely contagious. I have no idea how she’s so perky all the time, but whatever it is, I need it.

Anyway, that’s my friend Angie. She lives far away from me now. And she left me in Rome. And I miss her. But I know we’ll keep in touch.

Our last night in Rome was the perfect way to end our trip. After a day of sightseeing Vatican City [the Vatican & Sistine Chapel] and compulsive shopping, we feasted with our mustache and walked around Rome at night. We stopped by the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Vittorio Emmanual Museum, and the Colosseum.

At the Colosseum, Angie and I were doing the most crude Italian-English impersonations when suddenly a couple Italian guys walked over to us. I was sort of embarrassed that I had just been speaking in an awful, awful fake Italian accent. Turns out, they were with their family and we all ended up chatting until 1am outside the Colosseum. It was really quite perfect. It was 3 cousins [2 were gay] and one of the boys’ boyfriends and that boy’s mom too. They were from New York and just so so funny and nice. We even got roses [long story but we basically commented that Naples was awful and one of the cousins was actually from Naples – oops, insert foot in mouth here…but anyway he gave us roses to apologize for our bad experience in Naples…so nice!]

At the fine hour of 1am, Angie and I missed the last metro and walked back to our hotel. We stopped by the Trevi, made a wish the proper way [fyi: hold the coin in your right hand and toss the coin over your left shoulder] and reminisced over our favorite parts of the trip.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip. It was hard to choose from our [collectively] 1500+ pictures…but these will just have to do.

IMG_4569 IMG_3307 IMG_3305 IMG_3302 IMG_3301IMG_4570

Miss you, friend :]


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    • I didn’t bring a proper purse! Which was totes [get it??] my fault so I had to buy something in Rome..but it was so cheaply made so I finally threw it away a couple days ago…for a proper LongChamp bag in France :] whoohoo!

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