guest post: angie mora [italia a story!]

So here we are in Sorrento and we’re having the time of our lives. The beginning of the trip was a little rocky when I realized that Steph wasn’t at the airport when I arrived… and my contacts were gone… and I couldn’t access the internet… and thoughts of being “Taken” started filling my head and I thought about buying a ticket back home. Then after those ten seconds I figured I would just wait. 🙂 Then after a few minutes my friend arrived and our awesome adventure got started!

We immediately got lost. (Thanks a lot Steph, it was all her fault!) But it was actually kind of cool because we got to talk and take a look at Naples, which mostly consists of graffiti, trash, and middle aged women with tight lycra dresses and funky wedge sandals. How they don’t fall in the cobble stone streets is only for the Italians to know.

We finally arrived in Sorrento and the journey to our B&B was a fun one…. or maybe a scary one? We are on top of this mountain and to get here, well lets just say that a windy road is a bit of an understatement. This place is so worth traveling for! It’s beautiful! It’s wonderful! It’s molto bene! The view is truly just a gift from God.

We did go to this one restaurant that we got  dolled up for… and boy was it a waste. The service was bad, molto male. We did our best to have a good time and we did… but only after we left that place. They were just rude and wouldn’t wait on us but that will not deter us from eating everything that gets placed in front of us! After our meal; which roughly took three hours, the waiter had the audacity to ask us how we liked the experience (audacity because we called him multiple times and only after half hour of sitting did he graciously present us with the menu… then another half hour to order…) I wanted to punch him when he asked that! But I just said it was not for us… mostly because we like people and they clearly do not. Yelp review to come soon!

Sunday was also an interesting day. We had a great breakfast at our B&B full of organic bread and jams and some kind of organic peach cobbler. Listen, I’m throwing out the word “organic” out there a lot but I kid you not, this food is amazeballs! We then relaxed and took our time going into town (which was a mistake…lol). I hung out in the hammock and read and Steph milked the cow and fed the pigs at the organic farm… ok this is a lie, lol. She did something but I was too enthralled with Tina Fey’s Bossypants to pay attention. Needless to say, we missed the bus and had to wait for the next one for a half hour only to have the scariest ride of our lives and then have to take it back to town because they were closing the busses early. We wanted to go to the beach and just got too much of a late start in the day.

During the Busride From Hell, where the streets are so narrow two cars have a hard time traveling on the same road let alone a BUS, we met our new boyfriends. That’s right! Boys we met BOYS! Woo! Okay… so they really are just boys. Ages 16, 17, 19. But they were very sweet and told us we were bella’s and they kept staring. They asked if I was Spanish and I said negative, I’m Mexican! Then they said AMERICANA! No! Mexican! Didn’t work.

Not willing to let our spoiled plans ruin the evening we, as new locals, went to the local “Marketa” and bought a kilo of parmegiano, do you know what that looks like? That’s a lot of freaking cheese! And guess what, we’re gonna eat it because it was freaking expensive. We walked back to our B&B and after about an hour of relaxing, Steph MADE me MAKE HER DINNER. That’s right! So I did, by my lonesome, alone, by myself also, lol. Jk. I made it with love! We got to eat fresh arugula and basil and tomatoes, gosh it was so freaking good. Not gonna lie… I rocked the pants out of that dinner.

So  the Steph made dinner the night after and I GUESS it was okay… okay it was great and I ate it all. But duh! Of course I would! We went to Emerald Cave in Amalfi Coast a couple of nights ago and to say that it was interesting… well maybe an understatement? It was ridiculous! So beautiful and then we walked around the Amalfi Center Square and it was just breathtaking. You know what else is breath taking… missing your bus, the last bus, taking you to your destination that is 14 miles away uphill at 9pm! I blame it all on the drivers who are jerks… Oh but on a plus side, on the boat ride in the cave… the man serenaded Steph and she swooned over him… lol maybe I made that up.

The we left to Naples…. that’s all we should say about that dreadful place. It’s so gross and I needed an hour long shower to wash off the stink of that city. Plus I was sick. So bleh…. gross.

And so we left Naples ASAP, 5:30am on Thursday. And we have arrived in Rome. To say that this place is beautiful and magnificent would be doing it a dishonor. It’s so beautiful. And so let me tell you about the Vatican…. Just go, please, do yourself a favor. You will thank me. It’s history alone is so rich and if you’re a Catholic, like moi, well good grief. It really is a pilgrimage.

Tomorrow I leave Steph and head to Paris. I am excited because Matt will be here with her but I’m jealous that Matt will be here with her cuz she’s my friend! You hear that Matt!? lol jk. I am so grateful to God that he put her in my path and for the opportunity of this adventure. It has been incredible and fabulous and amazing and just FREAKING GREAT!

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