[top ten favorites at the orange blossom farm]

I can’t even believe it. It’s time to go. How did three weeks go by so fast? Honestly, I’m blown away by how quickly time went by. It feels like just yesterday I was contemplating leaving after my first morning’s work. It was a surprising reality when I had to start packing up. Over the past three weeks, I’ve learned so so much about myself, about farming, soapmaking, distilling, weeding, cultural differences…it’s truly been the experience of a lifetime. I’m so glad I was accepted to come here. I’ve been so blessed [minus the bug bites] during my stay here. I’m so sad to leave my new friends.

Anke and George let me take my last afternoon off. Obviously, I spent it all with Lambros. We made a wall collage. [If you know me, I love wall collages…] We had the best time. Lambros is the best. I’ll miss our conversations. [He told me that his favorite thing to do with me is talking because we can talk about anything… and it’s true, we talk about everything!].


In no particular order, here are my favorite things from my stay at the Orange Blossom Farm:

One] One of my first afternoons at the farm, I wanted to nap on the couch but Lambros wanted to play, I think it was about 315pm. He didn’t know how to read a clock so I told him when the big hand reaches the 10 [aka 4pm], then he can wake me up and we’ll play. He refused. He said, “No. I will wake you up when it’s at the 2!” I laughed and agreed. Ten extra minutes? If he insists! He came back into the room around 325pm. “Oh,” he said confused and disappointed, “It goes the other way…” I really couldn’t help but giggle. I told him I’ll wake up at the 10 and promised we’d play.

Two] All the food. If you let me, I’ll talk your ear off about all the great advantages of having an organic garden. It was truly amazing to pick fruit and vegetables straight from the field and not have to worry about pesticides, hormones, or chemicals. It’s something I’ve missed every day since I’ve been away. And Anke’s stuffed tomatoes! So yummy. [no filter! I loved the colors in this dish. So pretty!]

Three] Soap making and distilling were so interesting. Definitely hobbies I hope to indulge in when I get back to the States.

Four] George’s champagne. So so good. I could drink it all day and not have enough. We had a bottle almost every night. Sometimes, I added rose syrup in it. Ah! It was perfect. [And pink!] One day I finally had the nerve to ask him how he made it. He wouldn’t tell me the exact recipe but he promised he’d tell me if I ever had all the right ingredients and equipment. George hopes to specialize in making champagnes. Right now, though, the German bottles he uses to store the champagne in don’t travel well so I couldn’t very well bring any back or ship any home. But, you can believe that when his champagne business grows, I’ll be snatching them up.

Five] Greek beaches. Gorgeous. Our excursions to the sea, the rivers, and the mountain springs were amazing. The water was the most beautiful blue. I hope I can go back again one day.

Six] I really enjoyed all the interesting conversations that I had with everyone. Anke and George are incredibly thoughtful, analytical, and very open-minded. They’re extremely passionate about their lifestyle [which I admire] but they’re also open to hear about other views as well. What sets them apart from other people is that they know how to debate. During such intense conversations, I’ve found it extremely important to not take things personally. I really liked that our all discussions; everyone was willing to hear all the facts and arguments and we were able to maturely discuss the pros/cons of all the different views. I love these types of intellectual debates; it’s fun bouncing ideas and theories and arguments off one other, especially since we all came from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

Seven] Naps! So many naps! Oh, do I love a good afternoon nap!

Eight] Another short memory with Lambros: it was my first day of work and in the afternoon Lambros and I decided to re-organize and sweep the patio area. We took a break for a moment and Lambros asked me what I wanted in the whole world. But. I couldn’t tell him. I had to blow it to him. What a weird request right? How do you blow your wish out? What would it sound like? Feel like? He probably didn’t realize how much I’d overanalyze this request. It was neat, though. In a way I can’t explain…but I’ll never forget it.

Nine] My guard dog, Doggie. He really helped me get through the nights in the tent. I’m gonna just tell you right now…I’m afraid of the dark. There. I said it. Now you know. It creeps me out. I can’t even handle it. And sleeping in the tent with all the weird sounds and the bugs. I love camping, don’t get me wrong. I really like it. But, I don’t camp alone. That’s the difference.  Knowing that Doggie was right outside my tent gave me that extra peace of mind. So, cats, bears, tigers, gypsies, what have you, I knew, at the very least, Doggie was outside to alert me of any intruders. He escorted me to and from the tent at night too. He was the best guard dog I could ask for. Here’s to you, Doggie, for keeping me safe at night :]


Ten] Just the overall experience was magnificent. I’m so glad I was able to come to Greece, live and work on a farm and learn so much. I love how eager Anke and George [and Lambros!] were to share their home with me. I felt so welcome and at ease. The work was easy and challenging in different ways and I was always learning something new. I couldn’t ask for a better first workaway experience. I’m excited to take all the new things I learned and share them with my own friends and family.

A thousand thanks for the memories, Anke, George, and Lambros. I’ll miss you all so much! [These were the only pictures we took all together. Should have taken more! Ahh.]

For more information about Orange Blossom Farm  feel free to click on the link! Don’t know why I didn’t think to add a link earlier!


5 responses to “[top ten favorites at the orange blossom farm]

  1. Two things:
    1) Those stuffed tomatoes look DISGUSTINGLY delicious. My mouth started watering the moment I looked at them
    2) How did you find out about the Orange Blossom Farm?? I hope to hit up Greece some time on this trip (not for several months) but when i do this seems well worth visiting.

  2. Wait wait wait…..does this mean you didn’t have to pay to stay at the orange blossom farm?? Like, they paid YOU to live and work there?? I may as well go right now then!!

    • Hah, I didn’t get paid monetarily. I just volunteered for room&board. Seriously. Check. It. Out. It’s the best! Especially if you don’t mind the work! It’s saved me a ton of money so far :]

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