[thessaloniki-take two]

Originally, I planned to stay in Arta until the 15th…until I did a double take and my flight out was at 1pm and the bus from Arta left at 9am and when you do the math, a 5 hour bus ride just wouldn’t cut it on the day of. Then, I resolved to sleep in the airport over night but that mean 24 hours of lugging my bag around with me and watching it like a hawk if I ever fell asleep.

My boyfriend wouldn’t allow that. He booked me a hotel near the airport so I could avoid any mishaps. [the.best.boyfriend. Just saying.]

I stayed at the Hotel Astoria, unpacked, and went out exploring. I somehow wandered to the shopping streets and window shopped for a bit few hours. Greek attire didn’t really fit my style. I was also surprised, too, at how few people welcomed me or tried to help me in their stores. Out of at least 20 stores, I think maybe 2 women said hello to me. I started playing a secret game that I would buy something from the salesclerk that talks to me first. Luckily for me, though, I only had 20E and I really fought the temptation to buy a sweater in the middle of August.

My first, non-vegan meal, though, was a gyro. A gyro with fries in it. It was weird. And good. But different. And it made me a little sick. I’m not vegan. But my body just didn’t like the meat after yummy vegetables and non-processed foods. After dinner I walked back to the hotel, skyped a bit, and then went to bed.



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