Scene: Lambros, Stephanie, Anke are wrapping grapes in the fields. It’s late afternoon.

[Anke finds a big, colorful spider on a her grape vine.]
Anke: Look! A spider! Lambros, come look!
Lambros: Ah! How pretty.
Stephanie: Eh, that’s nice….
[3 minutes later]
Anke: Stephanie, can you hold this branch for me really quick?
Stephanie: Sure.
[Stephanie spots the spider lower on the branch.]
Stephanie: Ah! Oh no. No, I can’t. [holding the branch back to Anke again]
Anke: What is it?? [grabbing the branch again]
Stephanie: The spider is right there!
[Anke smiles, brushes the spider off and hands Stephanie the branch again]
Lambros: Stephanie, why are you afraid of spiders?
Stephanie: I just don’t like them.
Lambros: Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of it.
Stephanie: Well…yeah, but I just don’t like them. They’re creepy.
Lambros: Why?
Stephanie: Because I watched too many scary movies with spiders.
Lambros: Which ones?
Stephanie: Well, I watched a movie called Arachnophobia when I was younger and that’s probably why I don’t like spiders anymore.
Lambros: What is that?
Stephanie: In Greek, arachnophobia means fear of spiders. So, then movie is all about spiders. And there’s these killer spiders who are killing people and they’re so smart. And they jump on people and then they make little baby soldier spiders. And it’s just a really scary movie from the 80s. Just don’t ever watch it, it’s just so bad.
Lambros: Why do you watch it if it’s bad?
Stephanie: It’s the effects. The effects are just awful.
Lambros: Huh?
Stephanie: Nevermind. Just don’t ever watch that mo-[a leaf falls on Stephanie’s back] [GASP!]
Lambros: What?
Stephanie: Nothing….
Lambros: Why did you make that sound?
Stephanie: It’s silly. Don’t worry about it!
Lambros: Tell me!
Stephanie: I think a  leaf touched my back and I thought it was a spider because I was scaring myself by talking about that movie.
[Lambros and Anke laugh]
Lambros: You’re silly!
[30 minutes later and after many other grape wrappings]

Stephanie looks down to find a big spider crawling up her shirt.
Stephanie: AHHHH! [Stephanie jumps, flails about, and swatted the spider off herself.]
Lambros: What happened?
Stephanie: A spider was actually crawling on my shirt.
Lambros: Haha. So silly.


One response to “[arachnophobia]

  1. I am so happpy that Lambros has been keeping you so “busy”… He is so right on “Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of it.” What a smart boy!!! Please tell him that he is welcome to visit us at any time… 🙂

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