[my big fat greek moment]

The other day, I had a big, fat, Greek moment with George, Anke, and Lambros. I smiled really big inside.

Lambros was picking out a color for his post. He asked for a green so I picked the standard green that’s offered.

“More Open!” he cried out.
“Open? What do you mean more open?” I asked.
“Opennnn, more open!” he repeated.
I tried three other variations of green with no luck. I start to open up the “More Colors” color wheel with the shade scale until we finally find a more “open” green. I still didn’t know what the heck he was talking about. Open colors, he’s crazy.

At lunch, Lambros asked me if I like dark red or open red. And then I finally guessed he meant a sort of light red. Anke must have read the expression on my face because she confirmed my thoughts out loud, “Do you know what he means? Lambros, you say light red in English.”
Then, she turns to George and asks him, “Why do you say it’s open red? Open in Greek also means shutter, right? Why not say light red?”
George thinks.
“Yes, because when the shutters are open, there is light. So, you open shutters for light,  so there, light red.”
“Then why don’t you say closed red?”
George thinks again and pauses, “Yes, that’s a good question… I don’t know.”

Anyway, it reminded me of this scene in My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding. I love this movie. Go watch it. In my honor.


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