[addicted to weeding]

Hi. My name is Stephanie and I’m mildly addicted to weeding. I don’t know how it started. I never had any gateway gardening experiences growing up, none of my friends pick weeds…but I think I got hooked when I started weeding in Greece.

I start most of my mornings with weeds. I’ll try to be out in the fields by 630 or 7am just to get a head start on weeding. Mornings and late afternoons are best for weeding because you can weed so much longer when the weather is cool. But I would weed at noon too, if I have to. Sometimes I’ll weed for 5 hours straight, no break. Maybe one break. But you shouldn’t weed that long without a break, it’s not healthy.

The thing is, I really didn’t think I could get addicted to weeding. At first, I was picking pretty small weeds, the long grassy ones and the viney ones. And I didn’t even like weeding my first time. The next time I weeded, though, I started to enjoy it. The sound of the grassy weeds ripping from the ground or the quiet popping you feel when you uproot a big viney weed, it’s the sound of victory; you can’t help but feel good. It’s such a high.

Once I started getting used to the pull, I started getting riskier with my weeding. Sometimes I would grab the root and twist it out. Sometimes I would just pull straight up. Sometimes I would stand up, get an aerial view, and pull from above. Other times, I would squat or bend down and pull closer to the ground. Every pull was different, though, a new strategy, a new high.

Now, I can’t help myself. I’ll admit I sort of like weeding. It’s such a thrill trying to find the root of a weed. And when I grab hold of that sweet spot where I know I’m going to pull out the root, I get so excited. I find delight in untangling the viney weeds from the other plants. I can’t wait to uproot my next weed to see how much free space I’ve cleared. It’s addictive. I need help. I don’t think anyone enjoys weeding as much as I do.


In all seriousness, though, it’s kind of fun. I like to motivate myself in weird ways; I think one morning I pretended the weeds were a crime syndicate that I had to kill because they were ruining all the other plants. I have an overactive imagination sometimes. That and I watch a lot of movies and read quite a few books. When I’m not being a crazy person, weeding is quite meditative; I get a lot of thinking done while I’m just going up and down the fields weeding. It’s crazy. And nice. I would have never thought it could be so ..just soothing. You get into a weird rhythm. I don’t know…but I don’t mind it. I also get a pretty good leg and butt work out when I’m squatting down and standing up so much. So, there’s always that. If you have some weeding you need help with, hit me up, yo.



5 responses to “[addicted to weeding]

  1. Manual labor is brilliant for finding creative solutions to problems, or just for switching off the brain for a little while. Personally, I prefer doing laundry to weeding though 🙂 I hope you haven’t been bored to the point of weeding!

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