[what up beaches]

Oh. My. Gosh. My new favorite activity: Beach Hopping. Anke and George took me to three incredible beaches on our day off, the river Acheron [aka Styx aka River to the Underground], and a cute sea-side city named Parga.

I didn’t take any pictures of the first beach [womp womp] but the water was just as clear and blue as the first Preveza beach we went to. The sand was much flatter though which meant I could walk a little bit further out this time. Tide was super low…I liked it, but it didn’t knock me off my feet.

This is the second beach that we went to. Anke and George said it’s their secret beach. There were very few people there when we went. There were these beautiful rocks maybe 100-200 meters from the shore. Just gorgeous. I was so excited to lay there for awhile. I will say, though, that the sand was actually little rocks which made for a very uncomfortable beach walk. Even in the sea, there were giant rocks that we didn’t really walk on for fear of prickly sea urchins. The view was great though so I didn’t mind.


Here’s the third beach. It’s like Anke and George were successively impressing me with each new beach. Uhhhhhhhmazing. This was one of those moments I knew how to take panoramic pictures on my phone. I tried to break it up a bit though. It was a pretty small beach compared to the others we went to; more of a small inlet for the sea. The beach was surrounded by two tall, green, beautiful cliffs and there was a rock in between as well  about 300 meters out [not pictured]. The sand here, too, was very rocky so Lambros and I stuck to the shore and played rock games. I definitely would recommend going to this beach. I don’t know what it’s called though, but I took a picture of a sign that may or may not tell you the name. It might not.


After all the beaches, we headed out to the Acheron River. Anke and George kept mentioning it as the river to the Underworld but I always grew up referencing it as Styx. I felt pretty stupid for not knowing there were two rivers to the Underworld in Greek mythology. Turns out, they’re the same thing. [Whew – I love it when I’m smarter than I think…] The trees here were exceptional. I took so many pictures of them. I love trees. I love the way they grow and through everything! Like cement. Nature is awesome. Seriously.

Anke and I walked up the river for probably 30 minutes. Whoa. The water was absolutely freezing. Think, ice water that you drink at the restaurant. It was THAT cold. About 5 minutes in, I thought my ankles would fall off. At first, the water stayed pretty shallow, maybe about mid-calf level. But, about 10 minutes in we came to the first point where we would actually have to swim across [hence why I didn’t bring my camera]. And if I didn’t tell you already, I’m not a good swimmer. At all. On top of that, we were swimming upstream. It was a pretty pathetic sight, I’m sure. But I made it :] Surprisingly, I got used to the cold water. It felt nice and clean and the views were beautiful. There were tall white rocks on either side of the river that reached up to the sky. I wish I took pictures for you but I didn’t want to get my camera wet. Our walk back was also breath-taking; the water was literally glittering with sunlight. It was so picturesque. I tried to capture some when we got back to our towels but it just wasn’t the same.


Here’s a bit of a random picture but on our way to Parga, we drove by these trees. I almost thought I lost my sense of color. It was like driving through a black and white film. Apparently these trees were all covered by dust? It was too interesting not to take a picture of them!


Our final stop before home: Parga. What a cute little town. We walked through it for a couple hours and it was the perfect time of day for some touristy pictures. I just love the way the water looks on the sea at this time.

IMG_3021IMG_3024IMG_3027 IMG_3020IMG_3026 IMG_3025

So, that was that. My Greek day was great. I met a lot of beaches and rivers and a cute seaside town. It was all that I could hope for :]


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