[mosquitos bite]

total mosquito count: 31 32

top five most inconvenient places for a bite:
5. lower calf or ankles – you always have to bend over or sit to scratch
4. knuckles or in between toes – so uncomfortable when they swell :[
3. bum – it looks like you’re scratching your bum or picking a wedgie
2. inner thigh – same as 3, except your private part :\
1. anywhere on your body – mosquitos are the worstdifferent mosquito repellents: 3

different mosquito repellents: 3
1. ben’s 100% deet

  • pro: could last up to 10 hours!
  • con: really not good for you or the environment

2. anke’s essential oil mixture

  • pro: you smell like a citronella candle! [could also be a con]
  • con: requires constant reapplication

3. white wine vinegar

  • pro: supposedly suppresses itching as well!
  • con: you smell like vinegar. ew.

different anti-itch remedies: 6
1. scratching: often leads to scarring [for me anyway]
2. afterbite anti-itch pen: not effective or at least it doesn’t seem like it
3. toothpaste: leaves white residue all over
4. rubbing alcohol: dries it out temporarily
5. white wine vinegar: seems effective, but requires reapplication
6. lavender tincture [?]: still testing

Hands down, the most only unpleasant part of my trip so far has been the number of bug bites I’ve accumulated. Sometimes, I would just sit on my bed scratching myself. Or hitting my bites or rubbing my skin. I scar pretty easily. I never used to believe my mom when she said I have sensitive skin…Now, with 32 new dark spots on my skin, it’s starting to sink in. I’m trying to remember whether my other bug bites did this before. I brought some anti-scarring gel with me but I don’t know how effective it is.

I have a theory…albeit probably a terrible sort of accepted [according to my quick Google search] one, that there are two types of sweat or body odor: sour [vinegar-y] and not sour? [maybe sweet?]. I think I’m the latter. Not to give myself undue credit here, but I do have 32 mosquito bites. I haven’t had time to do much research but it looks like mosquitos aren’t attracted to smells so much as they’re unattracted by other smells. It also looks like researchers are looking at whether blood type might be a cause too.

Regardless, mosquitos bite. And their bites bite.


7 responses to “[mosquitos bite]

  1. Watch out for the type of soap, lotion, and perfume you use as well. Some of those attract mosquitoes too!! Not sure what all they have over there but I use the deep woods Off. It is in a green aerosol can. It seems to work for me and you don’t have to reapply it constantly. (I got close to 20 bites sitting outside for dinner one night…I know how you feel!!)

    • Good call! I actually don’t use any lotion or perfume or really anything anymore. I do wash my hands a lot, though, with the home-made soap that Anke makes. That might be a cause.

      I was going to bring some Off! but I don’t have enough room in my carry on liquids bag. We also don’t go to the store often so I can’t buy it. But I generally use the Deep Woods one too :]

    • Ah! Perhaps! I think I’ve accumulated enough bites to deter some mosquitos away. Maybe I’m becoming a true farmer now!

      Also, this might be too much information, but I haven’t washed my work clothes in…probably 9 days. I smell awful when I’m outside. Plus, I sort of sprayed my clothes with TONS of white wine vinegar. [Also, for the record, I always try to clean off each night before bed :]

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