[preveza beach & mtn springs]


We had a bit of a rocky start on our way to the beach; we had a flat tire about 20 minutes in. My luck with transportation, in general, has been sub-par. The beach, though, was a perfect way to relax. I don’t really swim but I stood shoulder deep in the water and enjoyed the waves pushing me around. We went on a windy, Wednesday afternoon and the waves were pretty strong. The sunset was gorgeous. The next morning, I took a nap in the sun and splashed in the water a couple more times.


Anke and George get their water from a mountain spring about 2 hours from their farm. We needed to fill up some water jugs before we headed home. I loved this place. The water was so fresh [and so clean] and so cold. It was the best way to cool down after spending a couple hot hours at the beach. I love the old trees and the mossiness. We also all took turns [minus Lambros] jumping into a freeezing cold tub of spring water to wash off the sea salt [from the beach]. The tub is much too deep for any of us to stand in so you just have to hold onto the side of the tub, jump in, get your head under water and not let the tub swirl you around too much. It’s a neat experience, to say the least. Later, I’ll find out that some people like to wash their clothes in this natural tub. Ha. My other pair of sandals broke on the walk around the spring but it was totally worth it.

What a great day away from the farm :]


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