[please fasten your seat belts]

At a glance, this was supposed my itinerary:
depart Denver 645am > arrive Chicago 959am
depart Chicago 1054am > arrive Detroit 109pm
depart Detroit 150pm > arrive Boston 350pm
[long layover in Boston to see the boyfriend]
depart Boston 930pm > arrive Reykjavik 630am
depart Reykjavik 740am > arrive Brussels 1250pm

Aside from the numerous stops, my travel plan would have been perfect. You’ll notice, though, that there is virtually no room for delays or cancellations. My layovers were marvelously timed to allow me to leisurely walk [I hate running in airports] from gate to gate without having to wait and idle by random shops and maximize my layover in Boston.

Everything was going according to plan: I slept on my first two flights, I had a Nature Valley granola bar, ate some Biscoff cookies…

And then I landed in Detroit: “Hello, this is Delta Airlines calling. Your flight to Boston has been delayed and will now depart at 410pm.” Excuse me? No. Nonono. That means 3 hours at the Detroit airport and less 2 hours with my boyfriend. No, you don’t understand, this is the last time I’ll see him for 32 days [who’s really counting?]. I was cranky. And dramatic. And when I got to the gate for my Boston flight, I noticed that there was a flight to Providence that would get me in at 359pm. Okay…okayokay. I’ll just drive from Providence to Boston. Yeahhh. No problem! YEAH! That’ll be perfect! And then I’ll get into Boston by 530pm!

Ha. In retrospect, while I enjoyed the extra …15 minutes of quality time, this is one battle my patience should have won over my stubbornness. Oh well. It’s the adventure, right? [I even speed-walked on the moving walkways [if you know me, you’ll know I refuse to walk on these] and RAN inside the airport!]

The drive into Boston was a bit intense; I was driving into a Flash Flood Warning. You can see down below, the rain clouds I was up against.

Once I was back at Logan International, it was exciting to start boarding the plane to Reykjavik. OF COURSE I took pictures to document the moment!

While my other flights were uneventful, I got soo much done on my 4 hour flight to Reykjavik: I watched 4 episodes of Modern Family Season 1, 4 episodes of New Girl Season 1,  I tried to watch an Icelandic movie called “Stella on Holiday” but I honestly couldn’t make it past the first 10 minutes. It was from the 80s [which would normally be right up my alley!] but the terrible English subtitles made it tough to push through. I’m glad I stayed awake, too, because I was able to watch the sun rise from my window. The picture below doesn’t even do it justice. I also finished “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”  which was actually quite appropriate; in its own way, it helped me get some perspective on traveling alone, taking chances, and trying new things. More on that in the Brussels post.

Finally made it to Reykjavik, no problem. Got a fancy schmancy stamp in my passport and before I knew it, I was off to Brussels. Not sleeping on the previous flight meant I was exhausted on the second [sitting on airplanes all day really takes a lot outta ya!]. I passed out before we even took off. I was awake for maybe 5 minutes to eat a turkey & cheese sandwich [with too much mayo, yuck] and gulp down a glass of water.

I’m quite lucky when it comes to sleeping. I can sleep anywhere. Beds. Couches. Chairs. Tents. Cars. Trains. Corners of bars. Planes.. But I think I have some weird upright-sitting-sleeping habits. I go beyond just having my head to the side with my mouth hanging open [come on, we all sleep with our mouths open on the plane, right?]. I get really cold on planes, too, and I usually resort to crossing my legs and sandwiching my hands between my knees. On top of that, my knees get sore when I sleep like that so I have to cross my legs back and forth a lot to ease the pressure. Anyway, the guy in the aisle seat was looking a bit concerned by the end of the flight. Am I the only one that has weird sleeping habits? Tell me about yours! [Ease my embarrassment :]

In the end, we landed in Brussels at 1pm. Safe and sound. One travel day down. Whoo!



9 responses to “[please fasten your seat belts]

  1. yay yay!! so glad you made it there safely 🙂 sorry you couldn’t spend more time with matt, but you’ll see him soon!!

  2. My first thought when I saw your list of flights was “there’s no way that went according to plan.” And sure enough, you were delayed. I hate layovers, don’t blame you for taking the flight to Providence instead. But you could’ve taken the train to Boston, I can’t believe no one at the airport told you they have a direct line. Anyways, at least you made the most of your flight-I usually just take a book and read until my eyes get heavy. As for weird sleeping tricks on planes, you’re not alone. If I’m on a plane and I don’t have a jacket, I usually pull my arms through my sleeves and just tuck them inside my shirt to keep warm. It must look quite odd to my seatmates, but it does the trick. Very excited to know you’re now in Europe, have fun but don’t forget to keep us all in the loop!

    • You’re right, I know better than to think a full day of traveling will be right on time…though, I’ll admit I was hopeful!

      I was going to take the train in but they only had trains at 359pm and then 709pm and I landed right 359 so that was tossed out.

      Normally I try to read too but with backopacking, it just isn’t worth bringing extra weight if I can avoid it. Plus, it was fun catching up on random shows and movies! I love that about international flights. When I went to Budapest I think I watched “To Rome with Love” and “Hart of Dixie.” [Sometimes I just need some sappy entertainment.]

      Haha! I call your sleeping strategy “turtling.” I see that one a lot!

  3. I doubt this is possible on international flights, because they are pretty crowded, but I always travelled with a full size blanket and travel neck pillow (also my Guitar Hero guitar btw, I know…badass). I would get in my designated seat and stand guard and look around aggressively until they closed the cabin doors. As soon as the doors are closed I would immediately pop up, run to any row where no one was sitting (surprisingly happened more often than you would think) and would set up my pillow on the window seat arm chair, unbuckle both seat belts, lay out taking up the entire row, snuggle up in my blanket, and take the two seatbelts (meant for two seats) and combine them together so I could easily (not entirely comfortably) lay down…I got many non-approving looks from both passengers and flight attendants. Hope this eases the embarrassment!

    • Hahaha! I literally just laughed out loud!

      I love love that you look around aggressively because all I just picture you mean-muggin’ [reference Xzibit’s face when you Google-Image it] around the plane. And when you pop up, I imagine a gopher eagerly sticking its head up over the seats! No offense or anything! You just pick choice adjectives…that and I have an active imagination :] Haha, thank youuu for sharing!

      Aand, the airlines [or at least Icelandair] give you a big, fluffly fleece blanket [not like the thin, Delta ones] to sleep with and the hygenice pillows per usu. On my flight to Reykjavik, I had the row to myself! ..and then the flight attendant asked the woman across the aisle to come spread out on my side. Booo.

    • Oh geez! Maybe I stretched out across the middle seat and drooled?! Who knows! I just hope he didn’t film and put it on YouTube :]

      Hah, thanks for sharing that! Now I know things could be worse!

  4. I am excited for you. You are going to have such a blast! I am somewhat jealous!! Love the photos I have seen so far. Be safe while traveling.

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